Introductory Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) Workshop – Discuss Agile

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Introductory Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) Workshop

In our previous Meetups we had a small session on Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), many of our members requested to have one detailed overview session on SAFe, and Scaled Program Consultant (SPC) Certification. I organized SAFe Introduction session at the YMCA, Delhi.


The session began with looking at the definition of scaling agile, does it mean multiple people working on one product or is it more than that? We had a nice discussion on it and this became clear that scaling is not only limited to more people in one team, but distributed teams also comes as one of the characteristic of scaling. The other aspect of scaling was taking the agile beyond development team, making complete organization agile. So scaling does mean transforming the rest of the organization also in agile.

We did brainstorming on can we scale agile as it is, or what is needed to scale the agile, to facilitate this brainstorming session I listed 12 agile principles and asked the audience to arrange their thoughts around which principle is directly scalable and which needs some more proactive approach for scaling. This discussion generated lots of ideas and made it clear what we expect from the Scaled Agile Framework, we were looking for some recommendation on the areas which participants felt requires an explicit approach for scaling.


Now the time came for the big picture, and it was interesting to know that most of the attendees have seen the big picture at some point in time but they hardly understood it. The participant did find the big picture fascinating where they see how well the alignment is active from the Portfolio to Team, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) core values (Alignment, program Execution, Code Quality and Transparency) were clearly coming out as we started looking at the big picture with our brainstorming background.

Some of the interesting questions which we discussed were:

1. How SAFe takes care of Dev Ops
2. How can we achieve program level working software every two weeks?
3. How is it different from existing scrum approach
4. What is the difference between Product Management and Product Owner
5. How agile is used in SAFe
6. How principle of Product Development flow gets implemented in SAFe , and why we need to look
at the Product Development flow
7. Which certification of SAFe one should go for?
8. How SAFe can be implemented in Service Organization.

The video recording of this session is available on our YouTube channel ( Please join our upcoming user group Meetups and help us in developing a learning community. For any comments or discussions, please feel free to see our discussion section.

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  1. Friends, More pics are posted at Image Gallery

  2. Anything coming on SAFe SPC certification in Delhi/NCR? I would like to register for this certification in Delhi/NCR only…

    • I do not see SPC coming soon in Delhi, though it has become very frequent in Bangalore. May be you start with SAFe Aglist, the content of SAFe Agilist are the same with first two days of SPC class.

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