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Discuss Agile Conference Delhi 2015: Speakers and Organizers Meetup

A meet-up of all local speakers as well as organizers of Discuss Agile Conference (DAC)-Delhi 2015 was held at Star City Mall, Mayur Vihar, Delhi on 12th April 2015. The main agenda of the meet-up was to understand the need of the conference and discuss the roadmap. Speakers shared their topics and also provided details of their presentations, key takeaway’s for the attendees. Four Speakers participated in this event and discussed their content with Saket and other organizers.

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Saket addressed the meeting by emphasizing the importance of having an Agile Conference in Delhi and how this conference would be different from earlier ones. He stated that a proper platform is missing in NCR at a primary level, where people can discuss and understand Agile and its usage. He gave the audience an overview as to how he plans to make this gathering as successful with very relevant takeaways by the attendees. There would be pre-conference and post-conference sessions; talks would be divided into basic and advance tracks. Along with talks there will be separate tracks for simulation for attendees to have a hands on experience.

Here’s a brief descriptionon the topics of the Speakers:

Harpreet will deliver the talk on Agile in the field of Entrepreneurship i.e. How agile can help an entrepreneur. He will draw a match among Agile concepts with Entrepreneur skills especially in the field of product development. He will talk about Value Stream mapping and continuous Improvement.

Harikrishan will talk about big thinking and how to use it to make it a success for the end user. How to go beyond solo and how to take more holistic view of the project. He will speak of how using agile principles can work in making it happen. It was suggested that he can propose a new ceremony or come up with a new or an existing method that can help achieve the same.

Ankitwill speak about the Risk in Agile. He will talk about the traditional Risk management and then compare it with Agile risk management and its various phases. To make it more appealing to the audience, it was suggested that he include some real world examples either of his own or of others via case studies. He intends to present to the audience a middle path of PMI and Agile risk mythologies.

He also proposed to speak on one more topic related to combination of Agile mythologies i.e. Scrumban @ XP. Here he plans to present professionals and how to make a choice among the various Agile mythologies available.

Mohit Jain will present his speech on scaling and will draw the attention of the audience towards the benefits of conducting and implementing effective retro sessions.

Mohit also suggested conducting the much liked Lean Pizza Game.

All the organizers along with Saket provided inputs to the speakers and helped them understand as to how they can make their talks more interesting and informative.

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  1. Thanks Rishi for compilation …. i am sure we will make this event rocking 🙂

  2. Saket,

    There was a detailed mention of take away from this conference in one of your blog, especially the PDUs one might earn. Cannot find that. Could you please share the link.


  3. Thanks Saket! I have watched the video. Never mind, I was referring to something else. Shall see you soon.

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