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Meetup on Agile Implementation in Bangalore

It was my first meeting. I was curious but one question still back of mind

“Is it worth to go all the way from North Bangalore to South that too on Friday evening”?

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Well I had already made my mind to attend as last seminar on SAFe introduction was useful and met lot of good and passionate people working on Agile.

It was lovely evening and people started gathering. It was nice to see some familiar faces. Immediately the ambiance was ready to start the discussion. And topic was “Retrospective”.

Well retrospective is a big topic which needs to be dealt with seriousness as it will make or break a team. So we decided to go in detail on specific situations and how we should handle it.

In summary same question, “Continue doing”, “Stop doing”, “Start doing” but with a positive approach !


We started structurally just like a sprint zero 🙂

  • Created backlog of items for discussion
  • Prioritized the backlog based on estimated velocity
  • Planned based on estimated velocity
  • And we started the sprint planning with the prioritized backlog.


With no surprise Post-it was our visual indicator for tracking, and we used one coffee table as our scrum board.



Retrospective is the topic that is relevant to everyone who works in Agile environment. While discussing about it, I understood that, some people carry on Retrospective just because Agile mandate it, some people agreed that it boring as every meeting people keep discussing same and nothing comes out of it. And for some people it is really useful as it brings issues that team is facing. The questions we discussed during meeting were relevant to everyone. Everyone recognized discussion was fruitful and I am happy to listen to other’s experience and learn from them.

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Takeaways for me

  • Learned few new techniques to make Retrospective interesting (one of problem statement was Retrospective is boring)
  • n-depth discussion on focused retrospective was interesting
  • Understood Do’s and Don’t during Retrospective

To summarize, the discussion in meet up was courageous and open. Though many of them were very well experienced in Agile way of working, they were still listening others and giving opportunity to put their views on the topic.

Waiting for next meet up. …

My special thanks goes out to Discuss Agile group and Saket for making this session happen.


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  1. Thanks Rajesh and Vakku for compiling such a nice blog , see you in our next meetup….

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